Currently we do not have an official iPhone or Android app, however we have worked with the maintainer of IP Cam Viewer to add support for live viewing.

First, download either the iPhone or Android versions of IP Cam Viewer.  The screenshots below are from the 'pro' version, however the free version should function the same.

Click the '+' sign to add a camera

Make sure to select 'IP Camera, DVR, NVR'

Select 'Bluecherry' from the list

Add the following fields:

Name: (Whatever you want the camera to be displayed as inside IP Cam Viewer)
Model: Bluecherry DVR
Host / IP:  IP address or hostname of the Bluecherry server

Make sure to select 'HTTPS Port' and change the port to 7001.  Channel # is the device ID, which can be found in the Bluecherry Admin --> Devices area (see below).  Put in the login and password for the server, then click 'Test' and once you have an image click 'Save'.